**Single Batch** Spanish-Style Chorizo Sausage

Round two in our single-batch chorizo experiments, trying to arrive at the ideal Spanish Chorizo. This one is close! The sweetness of the smoked paprika comes first, and then a bit of spice finishes (slightly less than our Hot Italian). Perfect for tacos or in a paella, and phenomenal in eggs! We dropped the cayenne, this one is no longer spicy just delicious!

    1. Himalayan Sea Salt
    2. Organic Smoked Paprika
    3. Organic Cane Sugar
    4. Spanish Port
    5. Organic Black Pepper
    6. Organic Garlic
    1. Paella
    2. Tacos (out of the casing)
    3. Eggs!
    1. Wine: Tempranillo
    2. Beer: Hazy Pale Ale
    3. Cheese: Aged Blue or gorgonzola - /West West Blue