Nuremberg Bratwurst Sausage

We went searching for the perfect Bratwurst in 2013, and even had a Brat competition at one of our farmer's markets. The clear winner was a recipe from the Nuremberg area, which dated back to 1313! It was so simple, the spices allowed the pastured pork flavor to shine and worked great with almost anything. The perfect highlight to roasted vegetables in the fall, or the perfect sausage for the grill, the return of the 1313 brat is one that's making our family REALLY happy! 

    1. NMP Pastured Pork
    2. Himalayan Sea Salt
    3. Organic White Pepper
    4. Organic Marjoram
    5. Organic Mace
    6. Organic Lemon Zest Powder
    1. Pan fried
    2. Roasted
    3. On the grill!
    4. Breakfast Sausage
    1. Wine: Cider or Perry
    2. Beer: Czech-style Pils
    3. Cheese: Muenster