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Packaging Materials

When we started shipping, the only products available to us were expanded polystyrene foam containers. While these are recyclable, we also know that less than 10% off all plastics in the U.S. are actually recycled. That's why we've partnered with Nordic Cold Chain solutions for a more sustainable packaging supplier. 

Our boxes are corrugated cardboard - 100% recyclable, reusable, or perfect for a layer of weed-suppressing mulch in the garden (ask us how). The insulation we use is 100% recycled cotton - and it's 100% compostable! The insulation is wrapped in white poly film. The film has additives that help to facilitate bio-disintegration, typically within 18 months. 

For gel packs, we use Nordic Drain Safe™ . They're the first drain safe product in the industry. The proprietary formulation provides a long lasting, thermally efficient gel refrigerant which is safe and non-toxic. The days of disposal in trash receptacles are over. Nordic Drain Safe™ gel refrigerant is safely processed within municipal waste water or home septic systems.

Of course, you can reuse these gel packs as long as you like without fear of them breaking - they're safe for exposure as well.