Short Ribs - 100% Grass fed 2.7 lb

Short ribs are a bit of a cult classic in beef cuts. Scary to many, indispensable to others, some cultures can't do without these! Known as Kalbi in Korea and made into barbecue, or serving as a suitable replacement for oxtail in Jamaican stews, these are some of our favorite cuts because of the huge flavor! Make sure they go low and slow, or they'll be tough.  These are right around 2.5-2.7 lbs.

    1. 100% Grassfed Gound Beef
    1. Kalbi Jjim
    2. Jamaican Stew
    3. Dutch oven with red wine
    1. Wine: Australian Shiraz
    2. Beer: Porter, Guinness Stout
    3. Cheese: Brie