Holy Schnitzwürst - Apple Maple Breakfast Patties

You said it, Holy Schnitz! If you're not up on what all the kids are talkin about these days, it's a bunch of schnitz - or, dried apples to be specific. This was always one of our favorite sausages to make, and we usually only keep it around until we're done cooking the maple sap into syrup (about mid March). This one is perfect for breakfast, or even second breakfast. I mean, you could even fry it up with some bread for elevensies! 

1 lb pack, 4 patties per pack 

    1. Himalayan Sea Salt
    2. Organic Dried Apples
    3. Maple Syrup
    4. Organic Black Pepper
    5. Organic Sage
    6. Organic Coriander
    7. Organic Nutmeg
    1. Breakfast
    2. Second Breakfast
    3. Elevensies
    4. Tea
    1. Wine: Cider or Perry
    2. Beer: Hefeweizen (Dreamweaver), or English Pale
    3. Cheese: Cornerstone, Aged Cheddar