Chuck Roast - 100% Grass fed 2.7 lb

Our go-to cut for a beef braise is always 100% grass fed chuck roast. These are cut from the shoulder, and have a great blend of fat and lean. Our partner beef farmer supplies us with both finished steers and fat cull cows, both of which have great marbling and tenderness on grass. These are perfect for a pot roast, the instapot, crock pot, or a dutch oven - low and slow! A few ideas - barbacoa, pulled beef bbq, or shredded beef.

    1. 100% Grassfed Gound Beef
    1. Barbacoa
    2. Enchiladas
    3. Beef BBQ
    4. Pot roast
    1. Wine: Côtes du Rhône
    2. Beer: Chocolate Stout, Guinness
    3. Cheese: Camembert