Beef Shanks (osso buco) - 100% Grass fed 2.6lb

Cross-cut beef shanks are full of gelatin, marrow, and other micronutrients that are ideal for gut, skin and bone health. They're also delicious in a braise, and have been cooked for millennia in the Lombard region of Italy as osso buco. Our favorite way is an imitation of this dish, using white wine, beef broth and lots of root veggies! 

    1. 100% Grassfed Gound Beef
    1. Osso bucco
    2. Pot Roast
    3. Pulled Beef
    4. Hearty Winter Soups
    1. Wine: Barolo
    2. Beer: Sour Brown Ale (Russian River Consecration)
    3. Cheese: Mild Sheep Cheese