Pastured Pork Spare Ribs Half Rack, 1.5 lb avg

Pasturing pigs yields a more flavorful fat. These ribs are perfect for a couple hours on the smoker or in the oven. One of our family favorites, we season them with salt, a pinch of brown sugar, paprika, thyme and garlic before slow roasting or smoking. They're packed in half racks, averaging about a pound and a half each. Salt 'em, smoke 'em, and gnaw on some pasture-raised goodness!

    1. 100% Pasture-raised Pork
    1. Smoked - BBQ
    2. Oven Roasted slow
    3. Indirect heat on the grill
    1. Wine: Pinot Noir
    2. Beer: Pilsner
    3. Cheese: Truly Grass Fed Cheddar