Pastured Pork Chops - Pack of 2

Experience one of the most classic cuts for the grill in a whole new way. Pasturing pigs yields a more flavorful fat. The low stress of its natural environment results in a more tender chop that is perfect for grilling hot and fast. We love it with a bit of black pepper and salt, but for a real fancy treat, try it with some Calabrian chilis! Each pack is 1-1.25 lbs with 2 pork chops each.

    1. 100% Pasture-raised Pork
    1. The grill
    2. Garlic and rosemary in a skillet
    3. Fried pork chops and gravy :)
    1. Wine: Riesling
    2. Beer: Märzen
    3. Cheese: Truly Grass Fed Cheddar