Calabrian Pork Chops - Pack of 2 (avg 1.4 lbs)

We start with our pastured pork chops, then make a dry rub with dried Calabrian chilies, Calabrian chili paste, and Himalayan salt and organic sugar. The chops are marinated overnight and then packed so you can skip the seasoning step at home. We've been bringing these to every barbecue where the comments range from "My mouth waters thinking about them," to "these are like gold, you should store them in a safe."¬†ūüėé

Similar in heat to our Hot Italian sausage, these are more about the marriage of the distinct Calabrian pepper flavor with our pork than about the heat. Thaw in the fridge, open a pack and grill em up for yourself! Pasturing pigs yields a more flavorful fat. The low stress of its natural environment results in a more tender chop that is perfect for grilling hot and fast. 

    1. 100% Pasture-raised Pork
    2. Himalayan salt
    3. Organic cane sugar
    4. Calabrian Chili Paste: 100% Calabrian Chili Peppers, Sunflower Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Salt, Vinegar, Basil
    5. Dried Calabrian chilies
    1. The grill
    2. Skillet
    3. Under the broiler
    1. Wine: Riesling
    2. Beer: Märzen
    3. Cheese: Truly Grass Fed Cheddar