Chorizo Mexicano Sausage

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Brooks's first job was potting arborvitae at a nursery when he was 12. At 13, he was sent out on jobs as the only white kid with a crew of Mexicans who spoke minimal English. Guess which words they taught first in the crash course to migrant Spanish? This sausage embodies the flavors these men first introduced to a young palette - HOT and spicy, cumin, pepper and garlic. It's a flavor that takes Brooks back to when he hitch-hiked almost 4,000 miles to their hometown in 2005 to savor the local flavors. We'll save that one for later.

    1. Himalayan Sea Salt
    2. Organic Paprika
    3. Organic Cayenne
    4. Organic Cumin
    5. Organic Black Pepper
    6. Organic Garlic
    1. Beans and rice
    2. Tacos (out of the casing)
    3. In gumbo or jambalaya
    1. Wine: Tempranillo
    2. Beer: Troegenator
    3. Cheese: Aged Blue or gorgonzola - /West West Blue



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Needra M.
United States United States
Good stuff. Packs some heat

Mixed your Chorizo with some ground venison to make a bunch of Spicy Meatballs! Thanks.

Bruce F.
United States United States
NMP Chorizo Mexicano Sausage

I love the meaty texture of ALL NMP sausage. Having tried your Lincolnshire, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, and Kielbasa sausages, my favorites are Lincolnshire, Sweet Italian, and Kielbasa. You can tell I favor milder seasonings. The Chorizo is just too spicy for me and my family. Maybe I'd enjoy it more if cooked in chili where its spiciness would be diluted.

Kim I.
United States United States
Chorizo Review

This sausage is delicious. I love spicy food & this has the right amount of kick.

Kara P.
United States United States
Chorizo review

We love NMP’s chorizo! It is very spicy and great to grill or put in a variety of dishes.

Sigrid G.
United States United States
Kick and depth

NMP chorizo sausages have extra kick. The Lincolnshire sausages have rich depth of flavor. Both excellent.