Tesa Red Wine Garlic Bacon - No Nitrate, 3/4 lb

Tesa Pancetta, or "flat bacon," is the Italian offering in our bacon collection. This one is a pork belly (same cut as breakfast bacon), brined in red wine with Himalayan Salt, garlic and rosemary. Then it's sliced,  unsmoked, and packaged. Our family likes to have it with greens, polenta, or in a red sauce for pasta. It's back for good!

**NOTE - This one cooks up a little differently since it's unsmoked.

    1. Himalayan Sea Salt
    2. Organic Red Wine
    3. Organic Black Pepper
    4. Organic Rosemary
    5. Organic spices (nutmeg, cloves, cayenne, garlic)
    1. Polenta
    2. On meatloaf
    3. Wrap your favorite...anything
    4. Greens like Kale, spinach or chard
    5. Red Sauce for Pasta
    1. Wine: Pinot Noir
    2. Beer: Pilsner
    3. Cheese: Brie