September 03, 2020 2 min read

Well, the season has begun! We’ve been raising turkeys for over a decade, and we’re happy to say we still enjoy it. Turkeys have always been better grazers for us than broilers - while our meat chickens would stay sitting within 5 yards of their shelter awaiting their next grain delivery, we often go out to feed turkeys and have to call to them to let them know the feed is arriving. They actually graze like sheep, eating the grass and clover right down to the ground. They also fill up on insects, chasing grasshoppers and fighting over them. Given their nutrient dense diet and flavorful meat that is noticeably different than the store bought turkey meat, it is likely that their meat is likely filled with beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids much aseggs from pastured chickens are

We just finished processing our first batch, and many of you will begin to see turkey in your Large CSA bundles. We are grateful that we have been able to raise and process enough of both lamb and turkey - typically we are running out of one or the other. This means many of you will get a larger variety than usual! That translates to more fun in the kitchen and more variety in our meals.  

All turkeys so far have been  processed into cuts - and you’ll see a few smoked options: sliced and smoked breast (deli meat), smoked legs and wings (kind of like a ham hock), and ground turkey and turkey sausage. For the first time this year, we’ll also be packaging fresh turkey breast! Anna’s dad convinced us of this one - cutting the breast into smaller portions and allowing for the use of the turkey breast as you would use a chicken breast in any recipe, or simply to salt and roast on its own is a great option for a simple and delicious meal. Turkey at any time other than Thanksgiving is special, right?!?

If you don’t already receive a large share, but would like to get in on the turkey fun, check out the options for Large meat bundles. Feel free to request no lamb if preferred on your order- we can usually accommodate this request!

We also received our Thanksgiving batch of turkeys, which is our largest group of turkeys EVER: over 400 We will offer many of them the week before the holiday, fresh or brined, for your Thanksgiving feast. And we’ll have a few local pickups and we’ll also offer shipping within our one-day shipping window. Stay tuned!

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