Loukaniko - Greek Lamb Sausage 1 lb pack

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A traditional sausage of Cyprus, we started making this sausage years ago when we wanted to mix up our game outside of the pork realm. We've been raising sheep for over a decade, and it's still one of our favorite go-to sausages and family treats. This one is ground fine and stuffed in a collagen casing - no pork whatsoever!

Ya mas!

    1. Himalayan Sea Salt
    2. White Wine
    3. Black Pepper
    4. Marjoram
    5. Thyme
    6. Orange Zest
    7. Garlic Powder
    8. Coriander
    9. Fennel
    1. Greek sausage rolls
    2. Greek sausage sandwich
    3. With Rice!
    1. Wine: Zinfandel
    2. Beer: Belgian Pale
    3. Cheese: Pecorino Romano/Royer Mountain