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We sell pastured pork, pastured chicken, pastured turkeys, and grassfed lamb and beef, as well as artisan cured meats in central Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C.  We practice a type of farming on 84 acres in Perry County, Pennsylvania that heals the land, nourishes people, and treats animals with respect.  Join our Meat CSA to receive a diverse selection of good and healthy meat each month.  We appreciate your business.

-Brooks and Anna

CSA signups are open for next CSA season: July - November 2015! 

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Check out the author of 'The Meat Racket' and longtime CSA member, Christopher Leonard, in John Oliver's hilarious, but extremely depressing expose on industrial chicken farming
from HBO's Last Week Tonight:



Visit the New Farm to Table Restaurant in Harrisburg:


Featuring some of our products:

"Urban Picnic" Charcuterie Tray

 photo by Nick Jones.

Join our Meat CSA

Each month we offer our members a diverse selection of pasture raised meats.  The customizable once a month share will contain an array of cuts with your choice of chicken, beef, pork and lamb.  Learn more!

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